Help Me Choose

Almost everybody will need legal advice at some time or other.

The best way to find the correct attorney for you is by combining two factors:
1 - Practice Area
2 - Location

gavel-law-booksIf you put those two together, then the best lawyer for your specific need will surely be just one click away.  You can do this with the search function at the top of every page, or through each independent variable found below.

Yet knowing if you need a lawyer, and knowing how to deal with the process of hiring one, can be complicated.  We at New York Lawyers Guide are not here to advise on these topics, only provide information. 

So to further that process, here are a few topics that arise when in the midst of this search.

1 - How best to decide when you need an attorney

2 - What to do once you've decided to hire an attorney

3 - What to look for and consider when hiring a lawyer

4 - How do lawyers charge for their services?

5 - What you should expect from your attorney

6 - What should your lawyer expect from you

7 - The importance of a good lawyer / client relationship

Finally…when you have made your decision and hired an attorney or law firm, please let them know that you found them in the New York Lawyers Guide.