Defective Products & Drugs

Defective products harm millions of people every year.
Manufacturers of products can be sued for design defects, improper safety devices and manufacturing defects. Products liability refers to the liability of any or all parties along the chain of manufacture of any product for damage caused by that product. Product liability laws provide for compensation for physical injuries and property damage resulting from defective and unreasonably dangerous products and from the failure of a manufacturer or seller to warn the consumer of a products dangers.
Products liability cases may involve: dangerous toys, defective automobile and other motor vehicle designs, sport utility vehicle rollovers, gas tank explosions, seat belt failures, improperly designed consumer and household products, defective industrial machinery & equipment, products causing explosions and burns, and aviation products. Also, drugs and medicines that may cause unforeseen side effects, as well as defective medical devices.
In any products case it is important to save the product or have an attorney act quickly to investigate and preserve the evidence. If you or a loved one has been harmed by a defective drug or product, contact a New York Personal Injury lawyer as soon as possible.


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