Lead Paint Poisoning

America’s No. 1 source of lead exposure in children is deteriorating lead paint in older housing.
Young children can be easily poisoned from chronic ingestion of lead paint chips and house dust or soil that may have lead particles in it. Lead particles emitted by the past use of leaded gasoline are also in the soil, especially near major highways. The risk of lead exposure remains disproportionately high for some groups, including children who are poor, living in large metropolitan areas, or living in older housing. While a child’s chronic exposure to relatively low lead levels may result in learning or behavioral problems, higher levels of exposure can be associated with anemia and changes in kidney function, as well as significant changes in the nervous system that may, at extreme exposures, include seizures, coma and death.
In adults, lead poisoning can contribute to high blood pressure and damage to the reproductive organs. Severe lead poisoning can cause subtle loss of recently acquired skills, listlessness, bizarre behavior, incoordination, vomiting, altered consciousness, and–as with children–seizures, coma and death. In apartment buildings where children are easily exposed to painted surfaces, lead paint is a particularly serious health hazard.
When landlords or real estate sellers know or should know of the existence of lead paint and fail to take action to protect renters or buyers, injured victims are well advised to discuss the matter with a knowledgeable New York Personal Injury lawyer.


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